About the Game

The World Named Fred is a first-person action-adventure game about Cap and Leet's quest to save the magical and semi-sentient land of Fred. It features:

  • A 3D world populated by a variety of mythical creatures (chupacabras, vampires, zombies, hippies, et cetera).
  • Real-time slapsticky sword combat.
  • Comic book style interactive conversations.
  • A minimalist interface that stays out of your way.

It is currently available on Steam.

The game was originally written for iOS, where it is unfortunately no longer available, though you can find support pages for the iOS version here.

The story of the game will be continued as a series phone sized digital graphic novels. I expect the first (of 7) to be published in early 2017. It's tentatively titled The Cat, the Compass, and the Key.