Key Mappings

Open Pause Menu - [P]
Movement - [W], [A], [S], [D]
Run - Hold [R]
Jump - [Space]
Fire Weapon - [Left Mouse Button]
Block With Weapon - [Right Mouse Button]
Equip Current Weapon - [1]
Equip/Use Current Item - [2]
Use Current Spell - [3]
Recalibrate Oculus Rift - [Tab]

Interacting with Items

Items and characters you can interact with will unfold buttons when you get close to them. To activate the button, look straight at it and click the [Left Mouse Button].

Changing the Current Weapon/Item

To change the current weapon/item/spell, hold down the corresponding key for a full second and then use the [Arrow Keys] or [Mouse Wheel] to cycle through the options.


  • Health: You loose health when attacked. Should you run out, you’ll die and have to reload from your last save. Health can be restored by visiting a coffee shop or ingesting certain magic beans.
  • Energy: Energy is required to attack with your weapon. It regenerates rapidly if you stop attacking for a few seconds. Attacking while it's regenerating will stop regeneration.
  • Focus: Focus is required to block attacks or to do magic. It always regenerates at a constant rate.

Performance Problems

By default, the game will play at the native resolution of the display. If you're experiencing slow frame rates, you can decrease the game's resolution from the main menu by selecting "Options".

Oculus Rift

The game supports the Oculus Rift DK1. Simply mirror your display to the Rift and check the "VR Mode" in the options window on the main menu.


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