Controlling the Character

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To look around, touch and drag anywhere on the right half of the screen. To move, touch and drag anywhere on the left half of the screen. If you're left-handed, you can swap the joystick and the look touchpad in the pause menu's options tab (see below).

Interacting with Objects 

Objects you can interact with will unfold buttons when you get close enough to them.

Mapping Items to the HUD (Heads Up Display)

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To equip or use an item, you must map it to one of the HUD buttons along the top of the screen. First, press and hold any of the HUD buttons until the HUD opens.

hud 2.jpg

Press and hold the icon of the item you want until a copy appears under your finger. Then drag the copy over any of the HUD buttons and let go. Press the close button in the upper right corner of the screen to resume the game. 


You loose health when attacked. Should you run out, you’ll die and have to reload from your last save. Health can be restored by visiting a coffee shop or ingesting certain magic beans.

Energy is required to attack with your weapon. It regenerates rapidly if you stop attacking for a few seconds. Attacking while it's regenerating will stop regeneration.

Focus is required to block attacks or to do magic. It always regenerates at a constant rate.




  • When you equip a weapon, an attack button will appear above the jump button. If the weapon can block, a block button will also appear.
  • Attacking, regardless of whether you hit anything, costs energy.  Energy starts to regenerate a few seconds after your last attack, but attacking again interrupts regeneration and restarts the clock. 
  • Successfully blocking an attack consumes focus. Focus regeneration occurs at a constant rate and is never interrupted. Using magic also consumes focus.

Pro Tips

  • When an enemy blocks one of your attacks, there is a chance you'll stun it for a few seconds, leaving it vulnerable.
  • When dealing with large groups of enemies – say, zombies or gnomes – you can stun them all at once with a single well aimed push spell.
  • Weapons can also affect multiple targets. So, if you've managed to stun your enemies close together, you can hack them to death as a group, conserving energy.

The Pause Menu

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To open the pause menu, tap the status bars in the upper left corner of the screen.

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On this tab, you can create new saves, load old ones and return to the main menu. The game will save automatically from time to time to protect you from unexpected character death, but you should still create a save file of your own and update it before quitting or switching apps.


Here you'll find more detailed information about all the items you've collected.


Any spells you learn will be detailed here.


As you progress in the game, log entries will be created summarizing events so far. If you get stuck or can't remember what you're supposed to be doing, reading the log should help.


Here you'll find a few configurable options.

  • Volume - This slider functions as a global control for all the game's sound effects. It's useful if you want to change the volume of the game without affecting the volume of your device. For example, perhaps you want to listen to music or a podcast while playing and find that the sound effects are distractingly loud.
  • Joystick on Right - This option moves the joystick to the right side of the screen and the look controls to the left.  It's intended for left handers that prefer to control the camera with their dominant hand.
  • Disable Tutorial - This option skips the tutorial for all future new games.
  • Show Console - This option adds the console tab to the pause menu when it's next opened. The console is only used for debugging, so this option should be ignored.

I'm Stuck

If you've reached a part of the game that you just can't get past, you could theoretically visit the Spoilers page. This is not recommended, as it can have a negative effect on one's feelings of self-worth.


If you have other questions, send an email to